Statement of guarentee

1. SAKMA Electrónica Industrial S.A.U. grants two-year guarantee from the date of delivery.


2. The guarantee of SAKMA products will be valid under the following conditions:


  1. All SAKMA products must be used in accordance with the product specifications and the applications established in the technical data sheet and / or product label.

  1. Under no circumstances should the limit values of temperature, voltages and currents established by the technical standards be exceeded. The luminaire should not be exposed in any case to any mechanical or chemical loads not in accordance with the intended use.

  1. All the products must be installed, manipulated or repaired by specialized technicians, following SAKMA instructions and recommendations.

  1. Failures in the product caused by defects in material, construction and / or manufacture will be accepted considering Nominal life and Nominal average rate with values defined in the technical documentation or otherwise considering failing 0.2% / 1000 hours of operation.


3. The SAKMA guarantee of products is not valid under the following conditions:


  1. Handled, opened or altered products, including those who tried to be repaired without being previously authorized in writing by SAKMA.

  1. Improper installation, use, maintenance, repair and/or calibration including external problems or arising from the use or wear and tear. Non-compliance of the manual instructions indicated by SAKMA

  1. Products with physical damage. This includes scratches on the product and/or the glass (if applicable), illegible labels, cracked and broken. Kindly check and review the product at the time of delivery and a refund.

  1. Products that for maintenance, has been treated with cleaning agents - harsh chemicals (hypochlorite, hydrochloric acids, etc.) and/or cleaners that use harsh mechanical elements (rollers, sanders, pressure water cleaners, etc.). Exposure to dangerous gases of chemical origin or corrosive environments.

  1. Work values ​​higher than those indicated in its technical sheet.

  1. Connection errors (reversal of polarity), faults in the supply of electrical energy, damage by storms or services by static electricity.

  1. Mechanical loads, accidents, vandal acts, or inappropriate use.

  1. Damage caused by floods, pests, earthquakes, actions of third parties or any other cause of force majeure such as the normal product use conditions.

  1. Damages for the electrical supply, electrical shocks or excessive pulsating interference in amplitude and time.


4. The SAKMA product guarantee does not cover:


  1. Expenses arising from the repair of the defect, such as: locally assembly and disassembly costs (including lifting devices, scaffolding, etc.), transport of the defective product, management and travel expenses. These expenses will be borne by the customer.

  1. Parts subject to wear, such as batteries, hard drives, fans or active dissipation elements, plastic parts, discoloration or related to natural aging.

  1. Products not manufactured (including those within the product) but supplied by SAKMA, such as power supplies, third-party drivers, cables, connectors, controllers, etc.

  1. Faults related to software or programming errors, viruses, or other similar matters.

  1. SAKMA is not responsible for any damage generated in the transport managed by the client.


5. To enforce the guarantee on all SAKMA products:


  1. Any return / repair shall be conducted with our administrative department by means a return authorization number (RMA) and the corresponding authorization for the subsequent reception and storage at our warehouse. In case of failure receiving the returning goods within 15 calendar days, the return authorization (RMA) will be cancelled. All returns must be confirmed by our Technical Department.

  1. A copy of the bill of sale or the packing slip should be included with the RMA.

  1. Product/s incomplete or without the documents and / or information requested will NOT be accepted.

  1. SAKMA will be responsible for the return costs, as long as the guarantee is approved; otherwise, the customer must take care of the shipping and return costs.


6. Return, repair or replacement of SAKMA products:


  1. Return: In case the defect is NOT covered by the guarantee, the product will be made available for the customer at the SAKMA facilities for collection at customer’s risk within a maximum period of one month. Once this period has elapsed, SAKMA understands that the merchandise has been abandoned.

  1. Repair or replacement: In case the defect is covered by the guarantee, SAKMA may choose to repair or replace the defective product. In case of replacement this will be subject to availability of stock or to the term of manufacture of the product.

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