Cepsa · Ávila

Sustainability, trust, proximity and the highest technical capacity available to the user.

Excellence in every detail to offer the best customer experience.

Engineering and innovation
for a leading brand

Cepsa is an oil company that was born in Spain in 1929.

It is currently considered one of the most important reference companies in the energy sector worldwide

Energetic Sustainability
& the Environment

With the renewal of the image of the service stations, Cepsa sought to offer the user an environment of trust and closeness. In addition, they had the priority of being energetically sustainable, bringing the best energy to each environment.

A high qualified made up of Saffron Brand Consultants, for the creative direction, Tangerine, for the initial concept phase, LAC engineers, for the structural design, and Rafael Gallego from Aureolighting, for the lighting design, pooled their resources and developed this new bet for the future.


For the new lighting concept of Cepsa's flagship station, located in Adanero, Ávila, the efficient technology from SAKMA was chosen.

Lighting has been considered as a main component of the canopy, which when illuminated at night with the corporate red colour generates a strong visual impact of the station on the environment.

The linear lighting Comet 45 CC has been integrated into the main structure, providing functional and general lighting in the entire area. Also, to improve lighting around the petrol pumps, the smaller canopies above them have been light up too. These lighting solution provide a higher level of illumination in the precise area, generating a more localized experience for the customer and reducing energy consumption by not flooding the entire space with light. It also allows to identify by sensors when there are no customers, to reduce the light flux.



Efficiency and sustainability have been very present values in the lighting design.

In total, around 180 custom made luminaires were installed, in order to be integrated into the structure and allowing to reduce energy consumption.

Comet 45 CC is an adjustable linear lighting fixture with high light output that provides great visual comfort.

Available in two monochrome colour temperatures (3000 K, 4000 K), tunable white and RGB + W. In addition, for greater light control, a wide range of opening angles is offered; 9, 19, 32, 46, 60, 70, 40x14 and asymmetric. Integrated power supply. PWM, DMX or DALI control.



Adanero, Ávila, España
Lighting Engineering
Saffron Brand Consultants
Industrial Design
Architecture Studio
Lighting Designer
Rafael Gallego · Aureolighting
ETF Contractor
Montse Zamorano

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