Pagoda is a disinfection system using germicidal UVC irradiation or UVGI (Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation), whose main objective is the inactivation of any microorganism in suspension.

Its installation, above the visual field, allows a permanent disinfection of the air 24 hours, in the presence of living beings. So it does not interfere with people's daily activities.

Three different models available: On-Off, DALI or Bluetooth or Wifi wireless control through the Tuya platform. This allows it to be integrated into standard Smart Home-type domotic systems and work in the Google Home or Alexa universe, among others.

Permanent disinfection of the air for 24 hours.
Inactives effectively all microorganisms in suspension.
Allows disinfection in the presence of living beings. Does not interfere with daily activities.
Easy installation, does not require specialised technical personnel.
High efficiency, ultra-compact and without ozone emissions.
Electronic UVC tube replacement indicator
IP 20

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